How It Began

Every day, we're thankful for the opportunity to share our passion with you. We may be a family-run business but hospitality is in our veins and when it came time to open that first restaurant as owners ourselves - well let's just say everyone knew what was up! The difference between us and other restaurants are two words: "family" and "cooking."

Our Passion

We're passionate about what we do. Our restaurant is a place where people can come to dine on delicious food and excellent service, all while experiencing the ambiance that's uniquely ours! We have wine programs for those who want some guidance or just need help navigating their way through choosing wines; it doesn't matter if you're new in town because our team will show off regions based off whatever dish they pair best with.

Experience Our Food

We at Mumbai Spice pride ourselves on the quality of our food and wine selection. Our chefs are experts in their field, preparing dishes using a range or unique spices you won't find anywhere else! We offer an extensive Indian menu that includes not only vegetarian options but also meat lovers' favorites like chicken tikka masala & lamb kebab combo platters so there's something for everyone who visits us here.


From the moment you enter our staff will make you feel welcomed and we will always take our guest suggestions to improve and excel while we provide you with the ultimate dining experience you will never forget.